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We are here to help your business open its doors with confidence by providing Universal Standards of Compliance and Best Practices. Here you can find information, self-auditing checklists for your workplace and access to experts to assist with the integration into the “New Normal”.

Industry Associations

To date, industry associations have been exceptionally cooperative in collaborating to ensure that our vision for autonomy is at the forefront of developing responsible compliance. 

 Universal Compliance

We have prepared a framework of suggestions for universal compliance for all types of business. This is a collaborative effort driven by the business community.

Self-Audit Assessment

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Social Distance Compliance, 3.11.2020, 5.11.2020

  • Portable handwashing stations should be placed outside of the facility where required.
  • Employees should be monitoring the number of customers that enter and leave the premises. Store maximum should be based on 1 person per every 50 to 200 square feet. One person should be allowed to enter for every (one) person that exits after maximum capacity has been reached. 
  • Property external to a building should be monitored every 15 minutes for traffic control when social distance requirements regarding spacing are at risk of being compromised
  • Employers should dedicate an employee(s) to inform customers of social distancing protocols as well as hygiene etiquette upon their entrance into a facility, specifically when external gathering prevention is required. This action is required when the external gatherings become visually noticeable where an individual’s 6 linear feet of space is at risk of being compromised.
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